Electric Radiators

deliver comfort and style that don’t cost the earth

Why Sunflow?

There is no comparison.
100% natural convection and radiant warmth stay in the room you are heating.

Comfort and warmth are sensory sensations.  No one actually needs to check their thermostat to know if they are too cold or too warm.  They just are. 

With Sunflow clean age electric heating, comfort IS the new normal.

maximum efficiency

maximum control

maximum reliability

Why electric is better NOW

Quite simply it really does come down to efficiency.

There is a general misconception that gas central heating is the cheapest system to run. Cheaper price per kilowatt hour supports that theory initially but unfortunately you need to use a lot more of it.

Add to that the expense of ongoing boiler maintenance and servicing and the running costs of electric radiators becomes very attractive.

With 10 year guarantees on the Sunflow range of electric radiators and a unique 5 year guarantee on the controls, you get peace of mind, plus the benefit of zero maintenance.

Why electric is better TOMORROW

The climate, the planet, need our help.  In fact, the Climate Change Act 2008 is a legal framework which binds us all to comply with international (and EEC) agreements to reduce carbon footprint/output.

All gas boilers must be replaced by low-carbon heating systems in new homes built after 2025.

We all have to be committed; and there is no doubt that fossil fuels and gas will be phased out of our homes, making the decision to move to a primary electric system, like Sunflow, an easy one.

For all of us the decision is quite simple – the sooner the better.

clean energy