Do you have night storage heaters?

Make the switch to a Sunflow radiator & reduce your running costs

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**Make the switch to a Sunflow radiator & reduce your electricity bill by up to 20%

Energy Efficient

Say Goodbye To Wasted Energy

Sunflow Heating Systems uses an advanced functionality controller. Powerdown reduces the power input from 100% gradually down to 0% as the required temperature is reached.  This eliminates overshoot and cycling – to reduce your energy use.

Full Control

Heat Where And When You Want It

Innovative remote management via the Sunflow Web App allows you to heat different rooms only when needed and create your own schedule that works around you and your lifestyle.

Fully Customisable

Slimline, Stylish & Unobtrusive

Add a touch of minimalist design to your home with our excellent selection of Sunflow radiators, available in a range of different colours to match your interior.

Over 25,000 Radiators Installed Across The UK

We have replaced over 12,500 Night Storage Heaters and know that our system gives you greater control and comfort.

We've Got You Covered

Peace of Mind. 15 Year Warranty

Our heating systems are solid state and last for years and years. We give a 15 year warranty on all our heaters and 3 year warranty on all controls.

Full Installation

No Mess. No Fuss Installation

Our qualified engineers will remove and dispose of your existing night storage heaters, install Sunflow radiators and change the wiring.

Extremely Happy...

I purchased radiators and already have an install date, and I know I'm going to love them as 3 of my neighbours have them installed and say they are very good!
Margaret | UK

*Savings estimated for a household that is out of the home during normal working hours using Sunflow heaters compared to night storage.

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Take back control of your heating and bills, room by room!

Subject to factory capacity and availability of appointments. Cannot be used with other promotions. 2 months free heating is only available on the Classic and Classic+ ranges on orders placed in October 2023 (deposit received in October 2023) with an installation date on/before 30th November 2023. To make your claim submit a copy of your electricity bill no less than 60 days and no more than 90 days after your installation date. 

How do we calculate the cost of 2 months heating? We take the number of watts of heating installed. We then assume you will use it for 8 hours per day for 60 days. From our analysis the heater will typically be on for 1/3 of the time during these 8 hours and we multiply that by the typical rate per kwh. We will then refund you that amount or your electricity bill, whichever is the lower amount.