Sunflow logo with the tagline “heating for life"
Sunflow logo with the tagline “heating for life”

Order by 22nd December and get 2 months heating completely FREE!

Download your brochure now and take the first step to a better heating system and 2 months free heating.*

Just quote 2MFHDEC23000 when placing your order.

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Sunflow light blue electric radiator with a solid core for efficient heat transfer and a powerdown chip.

Heats your room in minutes

› No need to charge overnight.
› Solid state tablets engineered to heat up fast
› Deep 25.2mm designed to promote fast convection

More comfortable all day

› Fully programmable to deliver the temperature you want, when you want it
› Precise controller accurate to within ½ a degree
› Never overheats or runs out of power

Cheaper to run

› No overheating to ensure you don’t end up cold
› On when you want, off when you don’t
› Competitive all day tariff for everything else

Worry free

› No risk of whole house system failure.
› No maintenance.
› No burning fossil fuels.
› Future-proofed.

Your Full Service Partner For Electric Radiators

Never Beaten On

✓ Product

✓ Service

✓ Price

✓ Product ✓ Service​ ✓ Price​

*Subject to factory capacity and availability of appointments. Cannot be used with other promotions. 2 months free heating is only available on the Classic and Classic+ ranges on orders placed before 22nd December 2023 (deposit received by 22nd December 2023) with an installation date on/before 31st January 2024. To make your claim submit a copy of your electricity bill no less than 60 days and no more than 90 days after your installation date. 

How do we calculate the cost of 2 months heating? We take the number of watts of heating installed. We then assume you will use it for 8 hours per day for 60 days. From our analysis the heater will typically be on for 1/3 of the time during these 8 hours and we multiply that by the typical rate per kwh. We will then refund you that amount or your electricity bill, whichever is the lower amount.

Sunflow logo with the tagline “heating for life"
Sunflow logo with the tagline “heating for life"

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