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The radiators give out a lot of heat.

The radiators give out a lot of heat and changed my house. I was not expecting them to be so good! They were installed in two hours. I didn’t have to wait long for delivery, either. The customer service was good. They answered my questions and were honest. I would recommend the firm and the radiators to anyone who wants programmable, state-of-the art, electric central heating.

Sunflow were great.

Sunflow were great, within two weeks we had short and informative 1-2-1 with the salesperson who answered all our questions to installation. The installers were polite, knowledgeable and professional. And there was great communication every step of the way. I would highly recommend talking to Sunflow when looking to upgrade your heating system.

I love these radiators.

I love these radiators – they look fantastic and I love that now I can turn individual radiators on and off by each room rather than having to heat the whole house every time. the app works really well and the radiators really heat the rooms up. very pleased with the upgrade.

Your Sunflow Journey


Download a brochure, have a chat with one of our Team of Heating Experts, drop us an email for more information, get an indicative quote…the first step really is that simple.


When you’re ready, our Heating Expert will visit you at home and complete an assessment to ensure that they recommend the perfect heating for your home and lifestyle.

They will explain everything and leave you with all the information you need to know to make an informed decision.


Once you’ve placed your order, we wile agree date, usually within 4-6 weeks, to remove your old heating system and install your new Sunflow heating system.

Once installed, our installers will explain how everything works and will clean up after them, ensuring everything is working and tidy before they leave.

Your Electric Heating Solutions

Because every home is unique, we offer a range of heating solutions so you can be sure to find the perfect system for your home.

Electric Radiators

Far Infrared Panels

Heat Pumps

Tepeo ZEB

Electric Boilers

Hot Water Systems

Why Sunflow?

Sunflow heating systems are the 21st century heating solution for your home, which is why we have installed more than 30,000 of them across the UK.

Our expert engineers in Royal Wootton Bassett manage everything, ensuring customers receive quality systems. We create heating elements in-house, assemble and test heaters, and ship them in recyclable packaging. With our platinum package, our team installs them too.

Using an uncontrollable night storage heater?

With night storage heaters it’s difficult to just be comfortable...

Night storage heaters are notorious for stuffy mornings. Whilst they try to slow down the rate of heat output across the whole day, the nature of physics states that the bigger the temperature differential the faster the transfer. Thus more heat will be released in the morning when fully charged and this is what leads to overheating.

And conversely if it is a cold day that can lead to the heat all being gone by late afternoon.

By design a night storage traps as much heat as it can before releasing it. This means it needs hours to heat up the all the bricks before starting to warm up your room. This often leaves you needing a supplementary heater for those afternoons when the Night Storage runs out of puff.

A night storage heater is not accurately controlled and cannot deliver heat only when needed. If you don’t use your lounge until after work, then the Night Storage Heater will be releasing heat all day that you don’t need and that is electricity you have paid for.

A night storage heater will run off of an Economy 7 tariff. These give cheap overnight tariff, but the E7 day rate hours are more expensive than the typical 24 hour tariff, often significantly.

A night storage heater draws electricity hours before you need it. If you don’t need as much as you thought because your plans change or the day is warmer than expected then you have wasted that stored heat. Even the best High Heat Retention devices lose 55% of the heat the next day, whether you need it or not.

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