We take care to ensure every product is manufactured to the highest standard and from the best components

British Made Quality

British steel

Here at Sunflow we are dedicated to building the best electric heaters in the world. We aim to improve comfort levels in British homes and workplaces whilst maintaining superb economy. As a family company, environmental issues are very important to us.

British Made Quality

Cutting Edge Technology

Did you know traditional boiler heating systems can have up to 10 moving parts? That's 10 separate parts that can go wrong, and if one of them does, your whole heating system is stopped in its tracks.

Sunflow heating systems have no single point of failure, so you will never have a completely cold home. We like the sound of that, do you?

British Made Quality

Highly Engineered

Our systems have solid clay cores with high levels of aluminum oxide - which happens to be one of the best heat conductors out there. And this clay core produces a mixture of convected and radiant heat.

British Made Quality

Beautifully Finished

We created a top quality, fail safe, zero maintenance heating system - because we believe everyone has the right to a warm comfortable home.

If you’re thinking of changing your heating system to a more reliable, hassle free and eco-friendly solution, get in touch.

British Made Quality

Built to Last

Every heating element is wound by us to a precise length and resistance. It is then fully embedded into the unique kiln fired tablets, before they are cured for a second time.

British Made Quality

Finished with Care

Final assembly is undertaken by hand to ensure everything is completed to highest quality before final testing.

Proud UK manufacturers we are delighted to show potential customers around our factory. We will even make you a coffee!

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