Had Enough Of Your Old Night Storage Heaters? Looking For A Replacement?

Get The More Efficient, More Controllable, Electric Option.

Make the switch to a Sunflow radiator & reduce your energy use by up to 40%.

To find out how two of our happy customers reduced their energy use by switching to Sunflow, read our case studies below.

Case Study: Detached home in Yorkshire

Sunflow Electric Radiator - Bungalow English Home

“We were fully aware of the shortcomings of our now 20-year-old radiators and when Economy 7 tariffs became scarce, we started to look at alternatives.”

“There is no gas in our village, so oil central heating was the obvious option – but expensive to install, with a complete new system of boiler, oil tank, radiators, & pipework – notwithstanding our objection to fossil fuels.”

“We started with a quote from Fischer, then both ourselves & our neighbour got a quote from Sunflow. The Sunflow quote was better than Fischer’s & I thought Sunflow’s British-made radiators had a couple of advantages – namely the better programmer, the separate heating units in each radiator, & the comprehensive warranty.”

Sunflow Electric Radiator - Energy Use Comparison Table: Sunflow vs Night Storage Heaters

Electricity used to heat the home has been reduced by nearly 46% in the 7 month period!

Graph comparing customer's energy use with Sunflow electric radiators to old night storage heaters from July to January.

Thanks to Sunflow our customer in Yorkshire reduced energy use by nearly 46%!

Case Study: Apartment in Oxfordshire

Sunflow Electric Radiator - Traditional English Home with Sunflow Electric Radiators

“My Sunflow radiators work well and keep my flat much warmer throughout the day compared to my night storage heaters. It is good to know that I am using less energy than before and am much more in control of what I do use.”

Sarah’s new Sunflow radiators gave her much greater control over her heating, allowing her to reduce her energy use by just over 18% at the same time as feeling warmer in her home than with her old night storage heaters.

With ageing night storage heaters that didn’t keep her warm, Sarah was looking for a modern, efficient and cost-effective heating solution for her apartment. She chose Sunflow for their energy efficiency and performance. Her main challenge was to find a heating solution that would help her reduce her electricity consumption and costs while keeping her warm.
Sunflow provided an energy-efficient heating solution that met Sarah’s needs. The radiators are designed to be highly efficient, providing comfortable warmth while using minimal energy. Damon and his team were quick to address any concerns Sarah had after installation, and the upgraded radiator that they provided ensured that Sarah’s heating needs were met.

Thanks to the energy-efficient electric radiators provided by Sunflow, Sarah was able to save 2055 kwh in electricity per year. This translates to a significant reduction in energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Sarah also enjoyed the additional comfort and warmth provided by the Sunflow throughout the winter months.

Sunflow Electric Radiator - Cost Comparison Graph: Sunflow vs Night Storage Heaters

Thanks to Sunflow our customer in Yorkshire reduced energy use by nearly 46%!

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Heats your room in minutes

› No need to charge overnight.
› Solid state tablets engineered to heat up fast
› Deep 25.2mm designed to promote fast convection

More comfortable all day

› Fully programmable to deliver the temperature you want, when you want it
› Precise controller accurate to within ½ a degree
› Never overheats or runs out of power

Cheaper to run

› No overheating to ensure you don’t end up cold
› On when you want, off when you don’t
› Competitive all day tariff for everything else

Worry free

› No risk of whole house system failure.
› No maintenance.
› No burning fossil fuels.
› Future-proofed.

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