Sunflow logo with the tagline “heating for life"
Sunflow logo with the tagline “heating for life”

Had enough of your old night storage heaters...

Save up to 40% on your energy bills.

Make the switch to Sunflow Radiators – Interest free credit available.

It’s The Precise Control That Saves You Money

Here’s how you might control your home heating

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re home watching a film and relaxing, enjoying your weekend. 

How you zone and programme your home will depend on your lifestyle and needs.

But a Sunflow system is totally controllable and completely flexible so it can easily fit into any lifestyle, helping you to save energy and money on your fuel bills.

Seasonal discounts of up to 30% are available.*

How much could I save?

For more information about how much you could save download our full Yearly Cost Guide.

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Heats your room in minutes

› No need to charge overnight.
› Solid state tablets engineered to heat up fast
› Deep 25.2mm designed to promote fast convection

More comfortable all day

› Fully programmable to deliver the temperature you want, when you want it
› Precise controller accurate to within ½ a degree
› Never overheats or runs out of power

Cheaper to run

› No overheating to ensure you don’t end up cold
› On when you want, off when you don’t
› Competitive all day tariff for everything else

Worry free

› No risk of whole house system failure.
› No maintenance.
› No burning fossil fuels.
› Future-proofed.

For points 1-3 in the information table, download our Yearly Heating Guide here.
30% discount is based on purchasing 15 radiators to be installed in one home.
Sunflow logo with the tagline “heating for life"
Sunflow logo with the tagline “heating for life"

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