A web-based multizone system that delivers total temperature control, wherever you are

Save money by controlling your heating online

Mutlizone’s new web-enabled multizone heating control system is so easy to use and so precise you’ll soon notice a drop in your energy bills.

We’ve developed our market-leading wireless zone control system to include wireless communication – using a gateway that simply plugs into your router. Your electric heating can now be zoned, programmed and operated from one central point – via LAN, USB or remotely via the internet.

Sunflow smart app

Total Control

Innovative remote management via the Sunflow Web App allows you to heat different rooms only when needed and create your own schedule that works around you and your lifestyle.

Energy Efficiency

By allowing complete control of your heating in up to 10 zones, Sunflow can help to reduce running costs and maximise efficiency.

Easy to use and install

The Sunflow System offers an intelligent yet simple design meaning that installers find it straight-forward to fit and end users benefit from an easy to use interface.

Product Support

Whether you’re an installer, OEM or end user, choose Sunflow and you’ll have access to technical expertise, product support and first-class customer service.

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How it works

1. Decide to change room temperature

2. Change Temperature

Make the change on your computer or mobile device. You can use more than one at a time!

3. Gateway

Information is then passed on to each Multizone thermostat via the clever gateway.

4. Relax

The room/zone temperature is then adjusted for your comfort so you can relax.

Sunflow Brochure Mockup with Open Spread Reading "Why Do 4 Million Boilers Breakdown Each Year?

Find out more about how Powerdown will save you money.

We understand that as well as a warm comfortable home, you want to have smart control of your heating requirements.

Our Powerdown enabled Smart Controller uses our web-based app through your PC, smartphone or tablet so that you can match your heating to your lifestyle.

  • Manage and control your heating remotely over the internet from anywhere.
  • Energy saving by matching heating to usage.
  • Accurate and stable temperature control.
  • System can easily be extended to control up to 10 zones.
  • Quick to fit, easy to operate and programme.
  • Wireless connection between the zone thermostats, radiator and gateway means that installation is simple.
  • Multiple radiators can be connected to one zone thermostat, making the system expandable and flexible.
  • 7-day programme to meet lifestyle needs.
  • Multizone alerts – over and under temperature.
  • Temperature sensor and local control sited away from the radiator using the wireless zone thermostats providing accurate room temperature and ease-of-operation.
Sunflow Multizone Smart Controller Packaging Thermostat
Sunflow smart controller hub and thermostat

Precision Temperature Control

When it comes to designing electronic products and solutions we’ve never been captive to convention. It was clear that the traditional thermostats wasted a lot of energy, unnecessarily inflating energy bills, so we began working on finding a better way of controlling temperature.

Our Smart Wifi Thermostat can be easily extended to control up to 10 zones

Access the Sunflow Smart Wifi Thermostat from anywhere, anytime remotely. Change the program, advance or boost the heating

Many thermostats have a switching differential (hysteresis) of around 1.5°C. This means they switch heaters on at full power until the room reaches the target temperature, and then switch them off until the room has cooled to the target temperature minus 1.5°C. As a result the room temperature cycles up and down by at least 1.5°C, probably more because of the time it takes for heat to get from the heater to the thermostat.

Even a 1°C change in temperature is noticeable. So if you find 20°C comfortable but begin to feel cold at 19°C or 18°C, you’d have to set a normal thermostat to 22°C to feel comfortable all the time – a real waste of energy because for much of the time the room is hotter than it needs to be.

Turning a thermostat down by just 1°C saves considerable energy and expense. The Sunflow system lets you do just that because we’ve eliminated the temperature cycle altogether using technologies in both the heater PCB and the thermostat.

The Sunflow System is designed to maintain room temperatures to within a fraction of a °C.

How? In our heater PCBs we don’t simply switch the heater on or off, we modulate power – for most heaters all the way from 0% to 100%. We use a combination of methods to achieve this depending on the configuration of the heater including selective element switching, surface temperature control and chrono-proportional control.

In the thermostat itself we use ‘proportional control’ which means that as the room approaches the target temperature, we start to reduce the power output from the heaters. For instance if the target temperature is 20°C and the actual is 19.9°C, the power demand will be reduced to about 25%. If the temperature rises further it will be turned down more, if it falls it will be turned up more.

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