Highly Efficient

› Stores heat for domestic hot water system
› Mains pressure solution
› Single 3kw heat elements

Super Compact

› 4x smaller than equivalent hot water cylinders
› Instant hot water (without storing water)

› Specified to meet the requirements of your home

Clean & Safe

› No mandatory annual maintenance
› Non-toxic and no risk of legionella
› Lower heat losses mean lower carbon emissions

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Sunamp inside

Patented formula

Sunamp’s patented and non-toxic phase change material formulation – storing four times more energy than water tanks in the same space.

Heat exchanger

High powered heat exchanger charged by mains electricity and/or Home Solar PV for high quality, mains pressure showers and baths. 

User interface

Simple user interface shows heat battery state of charge and operation.

High quality brass

Quick and easy to install, with high-quality brass push-fit connectors supplied. With flexibility of orientation, with exits on three sides of the product.

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A modern compact alternative to direct hot water cylinders

Heated by an internal element, which is covered by a market-leading 10-year warranty, guaranteeing powerful showers at the temperature that is perfect for you.

Super-Compact Energy Storage

The sleek new design and advanced storage technology makes it up to four times smaller than equivalent direct cylinders, freeing up valuable storage space in your home.

sunamp compact space

How it works

The high powered heat exchanger charged by mains electricity and/or Home Solar PV for high quality, mains pressure showers. It will easily fill several baths from one charge.

How it works

Available in four sizes that can also be combined, a Sunamp Heat Battery is the right solution to perfectly match the exact hot water requirements of your property.

Sunamp range and equivalent capacities

ModelDimensions (mm)Input (KW)Store (KW)Litres
Thermino 70 e/ePV365 x 575 x 44033.574
Thermino 150 e/ePV365 x 575 x 64036140
Thermino 210 e/ePV365 x 575 x 87039212
Thermino 300 e/ePV365 x 575 x 1050312306
All subject to 10 year manufacturer's warranty

Alternatively, we also specify cylinders 

The most common solution remains an unvented cylinder.  Powered by single or twin electric immersion elements this remains an economic option for those with space.

Main Features

› Mains pressure (unvented) cylinder specified to meet the requirements of your home
› Single or twin 3kw heat elements
› Economic/cost-effective option

Sunflow primarily manufacture great heating systems and we work with partner providers to offer a hot water solution as part of a full turnkey (platinum install) service. We do not manufacture any hot water systems ourselves, and all solutions are subject to the original manufacturer’s warranties and aftercare support.

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