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The Invicible range

Our Invincible range includes over 60 models and designs, made to measure to fit your home.

All include a super heat releasing medium, baked kiln clay, at their core which generates better and faster heat transfer. This forms the basis for all our products and is key to our success in producing electric radiators that are superbly efficient.

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The Classic

With its deep fluted design, maximising thermal comfort, The Classic is our flagship product.

Unlike cheaply made radiators, each flute is individually made and welded with a rounded front to throw radiant heat in all directions. Radiant heat supported by gentle natural convection, giving warmth that is evenly distributed throughout your room.

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The Classic Plus

The Classic Plus retains all the efficiencies of the Classic but extends the choice on design fronts.

From dimples to waves, you can choose from a range of patterns to blend in with the uniqueness of your home or an individual room.

As with the Classic, all our radiators come with a choice of fixings, giving you the flexibility of wall mounts, feet or castors.

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Sunflow Classic Plus & Supreme radiators

The Supreme

Our Supreme radiator was designed to provide an enhanced flow of convected heat. This is done by replacing the flutes we use in our Classic and Classic Plus radiators with tubes.

The circular tubes provide less friction on the surface which enable the convected air to flow more smoothly and efficiently.

This patented (granted 2017) Radiator Enhancement System ensures that natural convection is maximised.

As with the rest of the Invincible range, radiant heat is projected through the outer surfaces of the radiator.

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