Terms & Conditions of Sale

Please read these notes very thoroughly

The primary aim at Sunflow is to validate your decision to buy our heaters by providing you with a really competitive quote and brilliant pre and post sales service, so much so, that you will give us a fantastic review on Trustpilot

It’s all about communication. We encourage you to read your quote carefully, check the pages where we state what we will do, what we won’t do, and what we would need you to do before we arrive to start the installation process. Let’s make sure that there is no room for doubt, at all. We are always available on the phone or via email. You will get an answer to your query.

There will be NO pressure selling from Sunflow. Once you have paid us your deposit, you will have 14 days to ‘cool off’. If you do change your mind, we will be very upset, but we will return your deposit. No ifs or buts.

The moment these 14 days are up, we will put your heaters into production as soon as we can. We build your heaters to your specific requirements and colours, so once they are made, we cannot really turn back. Of course, we will listen to exceptional circumstances.

The heaters are Sunflow’s until we have received your balance of payment. We trust that you will understand this.

 We are a company that is constantly looking to innovate. Everything we do is focused on improving our heaters, making them more efficient and reducing any potential impact on the environment. So, it is possible that the specifications will change from the time you order to the time we install, but this will always be for the better.

Surveying is a science. We are confident when we assess how many radiators you need and where they should be located in your house. However, circumstances can change and you may choose to move heaters to different locations without telling us. This may change performance, but again, if in doubt, contact us.

When we arrive to install, let’s all take care to check that your heaters have arrived in a pristine state. If you spot something, let the installers know, and we will agree on how to move forward.

We will install your heaters and show you how they work. Once we leave your property, you should not forget to insure the heaters in your contents policy if you want to. You have our manufacturers guarantee for the heaters and thermostats themselves.

Our heaters carry a 15 year guarantee. Our Thermostats carry a 3 year guarantee. Both of these are transferable for the remaining validity of the guarantee to the new home owners should you choose to sell your property. Unfortunately, unless you chose heaters on castors or feet, you cannot to take them to your new home.

Any third party products installed carry the manufacturers guarantee (for example, water cylinders, immersion heaters, boilers, towel rails…). You should retain all relevant guarantees and instruction manuals, just in case.



All our radiators come with a 15 year guarantee and a 3 year control panel and thermostat guarantee.

What we will do…

Our decommission service includes the removal of surface pipes, wet radiators and boiler. Feel free to keep and eye on what is being done, but we are good at what we do and its best to let us get on with it.

What we won’t do

We do not replace consumer units

We do not do painting and decorating, and we only surface mount wires.

We do not remove old Oil or LPG tanks.

We do not reconnect solar panels to the grid.’

We do not remove backboilers – they are capped and left where they are.

 We do not remove Parkray boilers.

What we need you to do before we install

If you are having Night Storage Heaters removed by us, we need you to turn the heaters off at least 48 hours before we arrive – they will be too hot to handle if this is not done.

We recommend giving your electricity company at least 2 weeks notice to change your

tariff to standard rate. We will send you information on how to do this. We cannot do it for you.

If required, we need you to make a decision about your consumer unit, and any supplementary electrical work, and for this to be completed before we arrive to install.

Make sure our installers can access the areas of the property where they will be installing.

Once signed, and your 14 day cooling off period has elapsed, the 3 pages making up this document constitute a contract between Sunflow Ltd and yourself.


   Version: 20210410

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