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› Powerdown energy management system

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“We have taken the German Clay Radiator to the next level. Why trust anyone else?”

Powerdown Energy Management

Intelligent electronics reduce the energy usage to the minimum required for your comfort. The heater and room thermostat work together using a combination of methods including chrono-proportional control to reduce the power input smoothly from 100% to 0%.

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High Performance Heating Tablets

The unique solid core has been designed to maximise warmth. With high levels of aluminium oxide the tablets retain heat for long periods of time, which increases levels of radiant heat. Radiant heat works like the sun and keeps you warm at a lower air temperature.

Direct Acting Heating Elements

The heating elements are fully embedded in the bricks to reduce energy waste and maximise lifetime. It ensures super fast, highly efficient heat transfer directly to the solid core and reduces the risk of oxidisation (rust). Non embedded elements heat air before the core and are more likely to fail.

Natural Air Convection System

Precision engineered flutes are shaped to promote quick room heat up naturally. The flutes are 25.2mm deep and shaped to create a vortex as the air rises. This helps the room heat quickly without the cost or stuffiness of fan assistance.

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We will take care to ensure we specify the correct heating for your home.

If your Sunflow Heating System does not keep you warm through your First Winter we will refund you.

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We have replaced over 12,500 Night Storage Heaters.

If your Sunflow Heating System does not leave you better off than Night Storage Heaters we will refund you.

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Our heating systems have no single point of failure.

If your Sunflow Heating System fails and you are left without any heating in your home we will pay you £1,000.

15 year warranty icon

Our heating systems are solid state and last for years and years.

We give a 15 year warranty on all our heaters and 3 year warranty on all controls.

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The Alternative

Imported German Radiators

Delivery Delays

We are not aware of anyone else that fully controls the manufacture of a similar product in their own factory in the UK. Importers are at the mercy of ensuring all the manufacture and logistics work to get your heaters to you on time. If your heaters miss the lorry that could be another couple of weeks you have to wait…

Unreliable Installation

Some other suppliers of similar products use third party installation teams which can lead to difficulties if the install doesn’t go to plan or they don’t take due care.

Warranty Issues

Most other suppliers import radiators from other companies, unsurprisingly, usually in Germany. This can lead to warranty problems if your product fails as your warranty is most likely with the German manufacturer and not the UK importer.

Lower Quality

The market for this product in Germany is much more established and competitive. There are a number of manufacturers competing with each other and they are under pressure to be competitive. This can result in lower quality components. We are all too familiar with this as we started by importing radiators that we didn’t feel were up to scratch.

Lack of Control

Other similar products often have controls built into the radiator. This can appear to be simple, but it means the temperature is being measured right by the radiator where the heat is being delivered rather than further away into the room.

Weaker Guarantees

We don’t believe anyone else offers the range of guarantees that you get with our Platinum Installation Service.

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