The Classic +

The contemporary alternative. All the quality and features of our classic but with a choice of modern fascias.

» Direct acting to reduce energy waste and maximise reliability. 

» Balanced mix of radiant and convected heat to maximise efficiency.

» Control options for energy management to suit your lifestyle.

Sunflow Classic+ light blue electric radiator with a solid core for efficient heat transfer and a powerdown chip.

Suitable For

› All room Sizes 500w to 2500w

› Fixed wall hung


› Powerdown Learn more

› WIFi Thermostat

Radiant Heat

› Kiln fired thermal tablet

› High aluminum oxide

› Fully embedded elements

› High thermal mass

Convected Heat

› Deep 25.2mm flutes

› Curved to promote airflow

Sunflow electric radiator colour book featuring a range of RAL colours for customisation.

We have installed over 25,000 heaters and have the widest range of guarantees


Solid State Heaters to maximise comfort and minimise cost.

Sunflow systems offer a choice of controls for energy management to suit your lifestyle.

Control is necessary to ensure that you don’t overheat the room and waste energy.

Our Powerdown controllers reduce the energy input into the system as the room reaches temperature. This reduction in power input is truly linear all the way from 100% to 0%. It results in a maintaining a more precise temperature in the room and reduces wastage. These controllers can be specified on the Supreme, Classic +, Classic, Cube and LST heaters.

Our WIFI controllers allow remote control of the system to reduce energy. With remote access you can switch heaters off when you are out and turn heaters on ready for when you return. This is a great advantage for second homes or if you have a very mobile lifestyle. These controllers can be specified on all of our Supreme, Classic +, Classic and Low Surface Temperature Heaters.

Our manual controllers allow simple immediate control. Simple dial controls facilitate easily understandable immediate response. These controllers are ideal for occasional use heaters and are only available on portable versions of the Classic +, Classic and Cube Heaters.

Sunflow systems are direct acting to reduce energy waste and maximise reliability

Thermal comfort depends on heating the room you are using to the right temperature.

Traditional Systems are prone to failure with lots of moving parts and if the power source fails your whole house is cold:

Graphic of a complicated boiler system

Sunflow has zero maintenance costs and is more reliable than heat pumps or traditional boilers:

  • 18 % of over 4.5 million UK homes were left out in the cold in the past year after their boilers broke down. Repair bills cost £270 on average, but 5% of people faced a breakdown bill of more than £1,250. (

Central heating systems typically use one power source to heat water to a very high temperature and then use pumps and valves to move it around your whole house. This wastes energy – often heating rooms you are not in. This system is also prone to failure with lots of moving parts and if the power source fails your whole house is cold.

A Sunflow heating system consists of direct-acting heaters in each room. You heat the rooms only when you are using them, with each heater working independently so there is no single point of failure.

Sunflow systems deliver a balanced mix of radiant and convected heat for maximum efficiency

Thermal comfort depends on air temperature and radiant temperature.

The traditional open fire gave out large amounts of radiant heat but did little to heat the air. If you moved away from the fireplace you felt cold.

Most central heating system focus on air temperature, this is great for ensuring that the room is warm in all corners but is very wasteful and results in large temperature differentials.

Graphic showing radiant heat from the sun

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is transmitted by waves and is how the sun delivers its heat. We have all felt colder when the sun goes behind a cloud. That’s the radiant heat being switched off. The air temperature hasn’t changed you just no longer feel radiant heat.

A Sunflow heating system will deliver high levels of radiant heat through our kiln fired refractory clay tablets. These are made to a unique specification with high levels of Al2O3, which is a great thermal conductor, and then hand finished with fully embedded heating elements. They heat up extremely quickly and then retain heat for long periods of time which promotes the radiant effect.

The high levels of radiant heat allow you to turn the thermostat down 1 or 2 degrees – saving you money.

“Radiant heat has a greater influence than air temperature on how we lose or gain heat in the environment.”

“It is a fact that comfortable conditions and energy efficiency can be maintained with radiant heating systems with lowered ambient temperatures.”

Vaughan Bradshaw, author of The Building Environment Active and Passive Control Systems

Convected Heat

Convected heat is transmitted by moving molecules. Convection is useful to move warmed air into difficult to reach parts of a room.

A Sunflow heating system will promote natural convection to heat the air through one of 2 methods.

Our optimised and precision engineered 25.2mm curved flutes maximise the heat transfer from the tablets to heat and move the air quickly and silently without the cost and noise of a fan. This method is used on our Classic and Classic+ heaters.

Our patented natural convection system promotes an even faster heat transfer through capillary action. The tubes are located close to the heat tablets and a vortex action assists with smooth and fast air flow. This method is used on our Supreme, Cube and Low Surface Temperature Heaters.

Convected heat animation

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