Worry free

› No risk of whole house system failure.
› No maintenance.
› No burning fossil fuels.
› Future proofed.
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15 Year Warranty

Warmth Every day

› Super fast heat up time.
› Convection to quickly remove any chill.
› Radiant to maintain overall comfort.
› Super reliable to ensure you are not left in the cold.
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1st Winter Warranty


› Heat where you need it.
› No wastage where you don’t.
› Powerdown to reduce energy input.
› Unique solid core to optimise heat transfer.

› Check Out Our Always Warm Guarantee

Sunflow Brochure Mockup with Open Spread Reading "Why Do 4 Million Boilers Breakdown Each Year?

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Blue Sunflow Electric Radiator with Powerdown Management and High Performance Tablets.

“We have taken the German Clay Radiator to the next level. Why trust anyone else?”

Powerdown Energy Management

Intelligent electronics reduce the energy usage to the minimum required for your comfort. The heater and room thermostat work together using a combination of methods including chrono-proportional control to reduce the power input smoothly from 100% to 0%.

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Direct Acting Heating Elements

The heating elements are fully embedded in the bricks to reduce energy waste and maximise lifetime. It ensures super fast, highly efficient heat transfer directly to the solid core and reduces the risk of oxidisation (rust). Non embedded elements heat air before the core and are more likely to fail.

High Performance Heating Tablets

The unique solid core has been designed to maximise warmth. With high levels of aluminium oxide the tablets retain heat for long periods of time, which increases levels of radiant heat. Radiant heat works like the sun and keeps you warm at a lower air temperature.

Natural Air Convection System

Precision engineered flutes are shaped to promote quick room heat up naturally. The flutes are 25.2mm deep and shaped to create a vortex as the air rises. This helps the room heat quickly without the cost or stuffiness of fan assistance.

Local to you.

Our expert surveyors and installers are available from Land's End to John O'Groats and beyond...

Keeping you warm. Managing your costs. Removing maintenance. Making life easy.

Sunflow heters group image with different colours

We have installed over 25,000 heaters in a wide range of homes and know that you wont be left in the cold.
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Built by Hand, Built by Us, Built with Pride, Built in Britain.

Always Warm Guarantee

Our heating systems are direct acting. There is no single point of failure like a boiler and you cannot be left cold in a house with no heating. In fact, we guarantee it - heat your whole house with Sunflow and If your Sunflow Heating System fails and you are left without any heating in your home we will pay you £1,000!

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Powerdown Energy Management

Our Powerdown Energy Management system is looking after your pennies every minute of every day. Programmed room by room the heating is on when you need it, not wasting fuel when you don’t. When on it proportionately reduces energy input from 100% to 0%, whilst keeping you warm.

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Designed To Last 40 Years

Our Solid State Heaters have no moving parts. They are designed by us and built by us. We use quality components to maximise life. And they can be repaired if required.

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Clean Energy

Did you know Sunflow heating systems are kinder to the planet? Fossil fuels have had their day and are being gradually phased out of UK homes Our heating systems are the natural next step for eco-conscious consumers.
Our systems provide you with the warm, comfortable home you deserve - without costing the earth.

Plug & Play

Most sizes of heater can be plugged straight into a 13 amp socket. Our platinum install service ensures all safety matters are dealt with. And we guarantee no mess - check the reviews our installers get on Trustpilot.

Zero Maintenance

Sunflow heating systems really are zero maintenance.
No servicing, no regular safety checks and no breakdown contract. Our systems keep you warm, without the hassle.
Sunflow are more reliable than heat pumps or traditional boilers. Did you know that 18 % of over 4.5 million UK homes were left out in the cold in the past year after their boilers broke down.

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Sunflow Classic radiators group

We have replaced over 12,500 Night Storage Heaters and know that our system gives you greater control and comfort.
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Solid State Heaters to maximise comfort and minimise cost.

The Classic

Sunflow Classic radiator in blue

Our most popular option with all our engineering advances in a traditional look.  Available in a complete range of sizes as a vertical or horizontal, we even do a portable version.

The Classic+

Blue Classic+ Sunflow radiator

The contemporary alternative.  All the quality and features of our classic but with a choice of modern fascia’s.  Available in a complete range of sizes as a vertical or horizontal.

The Supreme

Sunflow supreme heater and armchair

Our Supreme solution. With premium patented convection to provide Supreme levels of comfort and efficiency.  Available in a complete range of sizes as a vertical or horizontal.

The Cube

Sunflow the Cube green

Our ultra portable solution. Low centre of gravity and rugged looks make it ideal for garden offices, garages or workshops on particularly chilly days.


Detail of Sunflow LST

Our low surface temperature solution.  Suitable for environments where safety is a primary consideration.

Water Heating

Woman in bath

You will need to heat your water not just your rooms. We have innovative solutions. You don’t need to go anywhere else.

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We are passionate about our products and want to make them available to everyone.

› Architects, developers & builders 

› Trade professionals & installers 

› Distributors & retailers 

› Consumers  


Platinum Install Service

For ultimate consumer peace of mind we offer a full turnkey solution from survey to installation. We guarantee you will get the right heater for your room, the longest warranties and our Always Warm Guarantee.

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Supply Only

We understand that you may wish to use your own trusted trades person, particularly if they are already on site for other works. You can buy our heating system directly, but we recommend your trade professional opens an account with us to get the best deal.

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SunflowPro: partnering with professionals

Our Solid State Heaters are also available to Trade Professionals with excellent discounts, our full 15 year product warranty and trade payment terms. To access our exclusive professional online ordering & support service register or call us at 0800 158 8270

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Don’t take our word, see what our customers say about us.


After exploring various ways of reducing the carbon footprint and heating bills of our house - which happens to be an old 16th Century pub - I chose Sunflow because their radiators seemed to be the perfect way to achieve those reductions. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Through initial contact, surveying, quoting, planning, stripping out of our old radiators and pipework, to installing our neat, slimline radiators, Sunflow staff were unfailingly friendly, helpful and professional. We felt that they were all proud to work for Sunflow and that it really mattered to them that we should be satisfied customers.

Mrs. M. Pickford, Northamptonshire


I have been using Sunflow heaters for over 8 years now and have nothing but praise for them. They provide gentle background heat and can be programmed to maintain an ambient temperature to within half a degree of accuracy. I have a 1901 Bluthner grand piano in the music room, which has befitted greatly from a constant 24 hours a day low level heating and as a result has become so much easier to maintain and holds its pitch remarkably well now. Although the initial outlay was quite high, you can say in this case that, 'you get what you pay for' and really are worth every penny I invested in them. Sometimes I require a little assistance to reset the thermostat/ timer on the electronic one I have, but this is never a great problem as I can always ring the office and they're always patient and happy to give me clear guidance on how to reset. I can strongly recommend this type of heater to anyone and for me and my family it has proven to be a really sensible thing to invest in.

David Cooper


Dissatisfied with the six Dimplex sandstone brick night storage radiators in my 200-year old terraced cottage, I arranged a survey with Sunflow. The main issue was that Dimplex took such a long time to heat up, leading to the need for supplementary electrical heating. The visit from a very reassuring Sunflow Surveyor confirmed that a conversion to new radiators would deliver a more efficient heating system. I have since had six Sunflow radiators installed in my home, and moved from a night storage to a standard electricity tariff .I have been entirely satisfied – Sunflow radiators take just twenty minutes to produce optimum heat, provide lower power consumption, swifter heat production, and a much greater degree of heat control. From practical experience, I would recommend Sunflow radiators to anyone.

Mr. R. Miller, Dorset

Made in Britain Logo - Proudly Displaying Our UK Manufactured Sunflow Electric Radiators


Sunflow radiators are all individually designed and built here at our Arley Works factory in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Sunflow radiators are all built from prime cold rolled British steel.  We cut it, we bend it, we powder coat it.  We make our own elements which are hand embedded in the heating tablets and then we wire it, test it and ship it in our own reusable, recyclable packaging.

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