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The technology provides Proportional Control

We have eliminated the temperature cycle by using technologies in both the radiator printed circuit board (PCB) and the thermostat.

In our Solid state heaters PCB, we do not simply switch the radiator on or off, we modulate the power all the way from 0% to 100%. We use a combination of methods to achieve this including chrono-proportional control. This means that as the room approaches the set temperature we start to reduce the power input into the radiators.

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Precise temperature control can give you considerable savings

Control is necessary to ensure that you don’t overheat the room and waste energy.

Adaptive heating responds to your plan, for example if you have input the room temperature to be 24 degrees at 7 o’clock in the morning, the stat works out (over a little time), that in order for the room to be at 24 degrees by 7am it must come on at 6.36am.

Yes, it’s that precise.

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A web-based multizone system that delivers total temperature control, wherever you are

We understand that as well as a warm comfortable home, you want to have smart control of your heating requirements.

Our Powerdown enabled Smart Controller uses our web-based app through your PC, smartphone or tablet so that you can match your heating to your lifestyle.

  • Manage and control your heating remotely over the internet from anywhere.
  • Energy saving by matching heating to usage.
  • Accurate and stable temperature control.
  • System can easily be extended to control up to 10 zones.
  • Quick to fit, easy to operate and programme.
  • Wireless connection between the zone thermostats, radiator and gateway means that installation is simple.
  • Multiple radiators can be connected to one zone thermostat, making the system expandable and flexible.
  • 7-day programme to meet lifestyle needs.
  • Multizone alerts – over and under temperature.
  • Temperature sensor and local control sited away from the radiator using the wireless zone thermostats providing accurate room temperature and ease-of-operation.
Sunflow smart app

Our surveyors will also be happy to discuss your hot water needs.

Simple control

For portable heaters

Manual Control

Simple control for portable heaters

Our manual controls offer the simplicity of a proportionate dial and the benefit of powerdown. Manual controls are only available on our portable heaters.

Green cube heater

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