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The control of heat from the Sunflow radiators has been a revelation, resulting in a considerable saving in electricity usage...

For more information and to see how this customer reduced their electricity usage by nearly 46%, download our full case study.

My Sunflow radiators work well and keep my flat much warmer throughout the day compared to my night storage heaters.

For more information and to see how this customer’s comfort at home improved while reducing her energy use by over 2000KwH per year, download our case study.

I find my Sunflow heaters much easier to use and much more efficient compared to my previous night storage heaters.

My system has a lot more controls and I like having a selection of different times to choose from. I really feel the power from the heat when I turn my heaters on. I’m actually having some more radiators installed to replace some more of my old night storage heaters.

J. Hugan

I think Sunflow heaters are better than night storage heaters.

It was a simple process to purchase the radiators and I was happy with the customer service.

P. Ainsworth

I have more control over my heating than I did before with my night storage heaters.

I have everything programmed but there is also a 15-minute boost function which is really useful. The process of getting a quote and installation was very smooth and didn’t take very long at all. I would highly recommend these radiators to other customers.

R. Mason

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I had night storage heaters in the past and didn’t think they were very good.

The heat would also run out during the day and I’d end up using a fan heater or oil filled radiators to stay warm. With my new Sunflow radiators that’s not a problem and the house is much more comfortable. They heat up within about 25 minutes and get the house toasty warm. I like using the web-app to be able to turn my heating on from outside the house…it’s nice to always come home to a warm house.

M. Davis

I’m very happy with my new radiators and Sunamp water heater.

I’m going to be buying two more radiators for my bathrooms soon.

M. Sandison

Since having my Sunflow radiators installed the comfort level of the heating is totally different and there is just a lot more heat.

I spend more time at home now that I’ve retired and it’s nice to be able to have the heating on whenever I want it. I have the radiators programmed by room so they are all different based on when I’m going to be in there which is helping with running costs. I don’t think they are expensive at all.

W. Jones

I had these new radiators fitted last year and I’m very, very pleased with them.

My bills have been a lot cheaper, the room is lovely and warm and the men that came to fit them were really polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend them to anybody.

S. Long

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