Can I plug in my electric radiators?

Flexible, user-friendly, and remarkably efficient, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of households are opting for electricity as their primary heating source. Among the various options within electric heating, electric radiators are gaining widespread popularity. This eco-friendly alternative provides numerous advantages, including exceptional controllability and energy-saving features that contribute to lower operational expenses. Yet, the question remains: how straightforward is the installation process?

Installation Considerations: Plug-and-Play Convenience and When Hardwiring Is Necessary

Many of our electric radiators can be plugged into a standard wall socket so you don’t have to worry about needing lots of electrical works in your home to install your new radiators.

However, that’s not true of all our electric radiators and some should be hardwired by a qualified electrician. All radiators being installed in “wet areas” like bathrooms, should be hardwired for extra safety from the humidty. Our largest 2500W radiator should also be hardwired.

If you’re installing electric heating throughout your home, you may need to hardwire your radiators to prevent overloading the main circuit in your house. For a professional, this is a relatively quick and easy job, and our Installation Teams can take care of all of this for you.

Once your radiator is installed and connected to the power, it’s ready to use – it really is that simple.

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