5 Ways to Optimize Your Heating Habits from Winter to Spring

As the cold weather makes way for the warmth of spring, it’s tempting to simply switch off the heating system and enjoy the sunshine. However, unpredictable British weather patterns can still make it challenging to create a comfortable home without energy wastage. Winter heating habits can also persist, leading to high energy bills even in the second quarter of the year.

Switching to electric heating can provide better control and energy-saving features, resulting in eco-friendlier and cost-effective living. Here are five ways to optimize your heating habits this spring.

1. Maintain a consistent temperature with adaptive start

A common bad habit is to set the thermostat too high, resulting in stuffy rooms, energy wastage, and high bills. Precision thermostats fitted in electric radiators can help by providing an accurate calculation of heat output in each room. These thermostats maintain a consistent temperature without fluctuations and adjust instantly when heat levels go above or below the specified range, learn about POWERDOWN control.

By programming the heating system to be consistent, homeowners can save on energy bills and avoid the need for extreme heat boosts. Adaptive start measures the time taken for the radiator to reach the desired temperature, pre-heating ahead of schedule to achieve the perfect heating at the exact time needed.

2. Use zoned heating schedules for personalized control

Central heating systems can waste energy by heating the entire house to heat one room. Sunflow electric radiators, which function independently without any pipework or boiler, allow personalized heating schedules and zones for every room in the property. Users can program different schedules and temperatures for each room, such as the living room, bedroom, and bathroom, to avoid heating any rooms unnecessarily.

With the in-built thermostat or smart device app with Bluetooth or WiFi compatibility, setting up personalized schedules and heating zones is convenient and straightforward.

3. Opt for electric heating systems for low maintenance costs

Regular maintenance is crucial for the safe and efficient functioning of gas boilers and carbon monoxide detectors. Sunflow electric heating systems are one of the safest alternatives, as they don’t produce carbon monoxide or burn combustible fuel. Learn more about the Sunflow experience from our customers

Unlike gas boilers, Sunflow electric radiators require minimal effort, needing only a light dusting once a month to keep them in optimal condition. By opting for electric heating systems, homeowners can save money on expensive annual servicing and eliminate the need for scheduling maintenance, making it an attractive option for busy households.

4. Use smart features for convenient control

Leaving the heating on accidentally can result in wasted energy and high bills. Sunflow Electric radiators with smart features and mobile compatibility offer unlimited control over home heating systems. Users can connect the radiators to their smartphones to manage heating from anywhere in the world.

Forgetting to turn off the radiators before leaving for work is no problem, as users can log in and switch off the radiators or set them to one of the eco modes with ease.

4. Monitor energy consumption with statistics

It’s easy to lose track of energy consumption and end up with high bills. By linking all radiators to a web app, homeowners can view individual statistics and detect excess consumption. With this information, homeowners can take action to reduce their home’s energy usage, resulting in lower bills.

The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of making changes to the heating system, allowing for easy tracking of energy consumption.

Comparison table and graph of energy usage between Sunflow electric radiators and old night storage heaters from July to January.

In conclusion, optimizing heating habits in the transition from winter to spring is essential for cost-effective and eco-friendly living. By adopting precision digital thermostats, personalized heating schedules, electric heating systems, smart features, and monitoring energy consumption, homeowners can save money, increase comfort, and reduce carbon footprint.

Sunflow Team

Founded in 2009, Sunflow is a British manufacturer of 21st century all-electric heating systems.

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