Heating Garden Rooms – Why Electric Is The Best Solution

Garden rooms have become popular in recent years, providing a versatile space for various purposes such as garden offices, social hotspots, and even gym areas. However, garden rooms can be unpleasant and uncomfortable during cold weather, making them unusable for months at a time. Electric heating offers a solution to this problem, providing a range of energy-saving features to maintain a warm garden room all year round.

Let’s take a look at why electric heating is the best solution for garden rooms.

Why Electric Heating is Ideal for Garden Rooms

Electric heating is ideal for garden rooms for several reasons:

  • No plumbing required – if you have access to electricity in your garden, you won’t need to extend your plumbing to heat your garden room. This saves unnecessary expense and hassle.
  • Easy installation – many electric heaters can be wall-mounted or freestanding, making installation quick and straightforward. In some cases, hardwiring by a qualified electrician may be required, but it is a simple and easy job for a pro.
  • Efficiency – electric heaters are 100% efficient at point of use, converting every watt of energy from the wall into usable heat. This means no energy is wasted, making it excellent for saving energy and reducing running costs when heating your garden room.
  • Long-lasting warmth – electric radiators provide heat through gentle radiant warmth, meaning they warm surfaces and people directly rather than just heating the air. This makes them ideal for draft-prone spaces such as summerhouses and garages.
  • Variety of designs – electric heaters come in a range of designs and sizes, ensuring there is something to suit every type of décor. For instance, a contemporary, Classic heater would be perfect for your modern garden studio, while an Elements radiator with a classic white finish would be ideal for your granny-annexe.

Why Electric Radiators are the Best Heaters for Garden Rooms

Electric radiators are an effective and efficient way to heat your garden room. Sunflow heaters use a mix of radiant and convected heat to supply warmth, delivering 50% radiant heat and the other half produced through convection, quickly heating the surrounding air to provide on-demand warmth. This provides the best of both worlds, deep and lasting warmth that is also fast-acting.

Sunflow electric radiators are incredibly versatile, being freestanding or wall-mounted, offering more flexibility when using them in different spaces. A freestanding radiator provides portability over your heating, making it perfect for use in your garden office during the day and then moving it into your home for the evening. Optional feet can also be purchased, which is ideal when you want to relocate your heater.

Smart Control for Garden Rooms

Sunflow electric heaters offer smart programming capabilities, providing easy and convenient control over your garden room heating. Whether through a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can adjust your heating using a handy web-based app, giving you access to a range of energy-saving features and the ability to control your heating from a distance. With smart control, you can create custom heating schedules and use automatic functions, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

Sunflow Supreme red heater

Enjoy Effective Garden Room Warmth with Our Electric Heaters

At Sunflow, we offer a range of versatile, eco-efficient options that will suit most garden properties. Our electric radiators are highly controllable, making heat management easy and effective. When it comes to garden room heating, Sunflow is the way forward.

Sunflow Team

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