Case Study: Poole Museum Refurbishment

As a business that specialises in providing innovative heating solutions, we are thrilled to be a part of the Rediscovering Poole’s Maritime Heritage project. This ambitious initiative, due for completion in 2024, aims to conserve and restore the Grade I listed Wool Hall, a medieval building that is a significant part of the town’s rich maritime heritage.

Our expertise was sought to provide a heating system that would not only maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the vast space but also be energy-efficient and easy to control. This presented a unique challenge, as the building’s size required several radiators to be installed, and central control was essential to ensure optimum performance and minimal waste.

Our team worked closely with the project stakeholders to design and install a heating system that met their specific requirements. We utilised our WiFi thermostats to create zones in the museum, allowing for precise temperature control throughout the building. The system was also fully programmed to maintain the temperature automatically, eliminating the need for manual input.

In addition, our web app provided a centralised control system that could remotely turn the heaters on or off if the weather was hotter or colder than expected. This feature ensured that the building’s heating system remained efficient and cost-effective, contributing to the project’s sustainability goals.

The Museum has chosen our LST models for all the bathrooms. Our LST (Low Surface Temperature) model is a patented convection system that provides the same level of warmth as a standard radiator, but with the added safety feature of a low surface temperature. With our LST models, visitors can comfortably use the bathrooms without the risk of accidental burns from touching the surface of the radiator.

We are delighted to have played a role in such a significant heritage conservation project and are proud to have provided an innovative heating solution that contributed to its success. We look forward to working on future projects that require customised, efficient heating solutions.

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Sunflow Team

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