Transforming Heating at Sunley Orford House: Seamless Night Storage Heaters Swap-Out and Cutting-Edge Sunflow Heater Installation

Sunley Orford House, nestled in the heart of Truro, Cornwall, is a retirement housing complex managed by ELM Group. With 40 apartments, the complex was facing heating challenges with outdated Night Storage Heaters (NSH) that were inefficient and ready for a modern update.

Our team successfully executed a full swap-out of the NSH system in all 40 apartments and common areas, including corridors and resident common rooms. The meticulous planning ensured seamless logistics and the utmost care for the residents to keep any disruption to a minimum.

At Sunflow, we take pride in our ability to organise large-scale projects in places like Sunley Orford House to the satisfaction of our customers. The successful swap-out of NSH with cutting-edge Sunflow heaters showcases our commitment to providing unparalleled warmth, comfort, and energy efficiency for our valued customers. ELM Management and residents expressed their gratitude, stating, “Many thanks to the install team and to the backroom folk who provided them with the materials on time as well. I don’t think it could have gone any smoother!”

Key Achievements

During the project, our team accomplished the following key achievements:

1. Installation of 146 cutting-edge Sunflow heaters in less than 3 weeks:

Our experienced technicians worked diligently to replace the outdated NSH with advanced Sunflow heaters throughout the complex. With efficient planning and a skilled workforce, we completed the installation in record time, ensuring minimal disruption to the residents.

2. Precise approach and attention to detail during the installation process:

We understand the importance of perfection when it comes to heating installations. Our team meticulously carried out every step, ensuring that each aspect of the installation process was immaculate. From wiring to positioning, we paid close attention to detail, guaranteeing a flawless result.

3. Minimised disruption to residents:

We prioritise the comfort and convenience of the residents during any heating system transformation. Through careful planning and coordination, we executed the swap-out of the NSH system with minimal disturbance to their daily lives. Our team worked efficiently, ensuring that the heating upgrade proceeded seamlessly, allowing the residents to continue their routines uninterrupted.

Benefits of the Transformation

The successful swap-out of the outdated NSH system with cutting-edge Sunflow heaters at Sunley Orford House brings forth several benefits for the residents and the retirement housing complex as a whole:

1. Enhanced comfort and improved heating efficiency throughout the complex:

Sunflow heaters are known for their advanced technology and superior performance. By replacing the outdated NSH, we have provided the residents with a more comfortable living environment. The Sunflow heaters distribute heat evenly, ensuring consistent warmth in every apartment and common area, contributing to a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

2. Minimised disruption to residents’ daily lives during the installation process:

We understand that any renovation work can cause inconvenience to residents. Therefore, our team meticulously planned and executed the swap-out process to minimise disruption. By completing the installation efficiently and within a short timeframe, we ensured that the residents could carry on with their routines with minimal disturbance.

3. Seamless logistics and timely provision of materials for the project’s success:

Our team at Sunflow believes in delivering projects with utmost professionalism and efficiency. In the case of Sunley Orford House, we ensured seamless logistics by coordinating the delivery of materials and equipment on time. This allowed for a smooth installation process and contributed to the overall success of the project.

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At Sunflow, our dedication to providing top-quality heating solutions is evident in the transformation of Sunley Orford House. We take pride in our ability to execute large-scale projects while maintaining customer satisfaction. By replacing the outdated NSH with cutting-edge Sunflow heaters, we have brought unparalleled warmth

Sunflow Team

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